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Mushroom Enhanced Chicken with Veggies

I know that it looks like a lot of work but the marinade can be made in advanced and stored in the fridge for later use. I enthusiastically encourage you to switch out the vegetables for others, or add to the list. Also, for any of my vegetarian friends, tofu is an excellent option but make sure you squeeze out excess liquid before marinating and lower the marinade time to about 1 hour. I served this with rice, but if you choose another starch, please let me know so I can try it out.

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Good Eats is Scheduled to End

One of my favorite television shows called 'Good Eats' is scheduled to end it's 249 episode run. The host/writer/creator, Alton Brown is the one who decided on this so I have to accept his decision. It still makes me a bit sad because I was watching it from the beginning of its airing. I have to take a moment and remember some of the most memorable episodes Avoid Unless You Also Want My Culinary Institute RantCollapse )
To my fellow foodies that agree with me, let us toast to the awesomeness that was Good Eats.


Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

This is a very easy dinner to make that will fill a family of four at least!! It's a little time consuming so leave it for your weekend, and definitely switch out the vegetables if you want something else. I added a link to how to cut out the backbone because I know some people find cutting down any type of meat a pain. If you can't find the poultry seasoning then you will want dried onion, thyme, sage, garlic, and rosemary at least. Click to see RecipeCollapse )


Chicken Puttanesca

This recipe is a mixture of two very traditional recipes - Chicken Cacciatore and Pasta Puttanesca . It's an excellent meal to have with something like fusilli, spiral, conchiglione, or farfalle; however, if you want something more known, use a penne or rigatoni pasta.
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Foodie Movies

One of my all time favorite chefs had a list of his top 5 favorite food movies, and I had to add at least one to the list. Then I decided maybe I should post my own list. Yeah, I am no where near as popular and influential as Marcus Samuelsson, but I know a few people do hear me out and take some advice. So here is my list of top 5 foodie movies:

5. Soul Food - An African-American dysfunctional family that is held together by a mandatory Sunday meal. Just proving that a family that can eat, and fight, together will stay together.

4. Last Holiday - A woman that had the dream of being a chef is told she has 3 weeks to live. What does she do? She cashes out all her bonds and such, and goes on the trip of her dreams. She makes friends with the chef at her hotel and changes lives.

3. Simply Irresistible - A daughter inherits her mother's restaurant, but it isn't going so well. That is until a stranger, some earrings, and a crab cross her path. All of a sudden, her food seems infused with her emotions. A total romantic comedy but worth it!

2. Julie & Julia - Oh come on!! If I have to explain the movie to you I ought to smack ya! A woman feels very lost in her lifestyle and she finds that working through Julia Child's cookbook somehow gives her that anchor to understand what she wants in life. Meanwhile, you learn how Julia Child had to struggle through a male *snorts* career to make her bones.

1. Tortilla Soup - 3 Sisters and a father with a gift of cooking to perfection! Yes, I know this is a riff from another movie but I love this one more. Watching the cooking scenes is almost a moment of zen for me, and I don't think any movie makes me want to cook more than this!


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